Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bottles in skirts.

My day was filled with teenagers,dogs,cats,big burley men and laughter,now that warms my heart.

In the midst of all the maleness in my house,me being the only female,you will see the feminine touch all around,pretty bedding,vases,pretty pictures,nice crockery and pretty throws,I am always scattering pretty things around to compensate for the lack of female company in my household though I do rule as queen in this castle,I do get lonely for the feminine companionship from time to time.
To make up for the lack of female company I make pretty things and this week I made pretty skirts for some tiny bottles I purchased from the supermarket to store buttons and things in,the boys all thought that this was odd and had a laugh but hey what do they know, ti makes me feel good to make pretty stuff.

So today family,friends,spring days,pets and pretty bottles warmed my heart.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Teddies and dolls

A quick what warms my heart today..
Teddies and dolls,soft linens,lace and organza..

Loving friends and children...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What warms my heart today,let me think,ah yes my cats,they are just the most wonderful little companions,they decorate my home with their beautiful bodies and jewel like eyes,they make me laugh when they be silly,Cecil went hunting today and caught a hair band,he called out to me and showed me his big catch,how cute.

Lavinna has had her hair cut for the hot months to come and looks kinda weird,big fat head and skinny body but we love her just the same.

Horace caught a wasp and cried when it stung him,it just didn't occur to him to let it go but then again this is a cat that bites his own tail once he catches it,silly big fat Horrie.

The weather is warming up way to fast,I'm in mourning for my dear winter,I will miss her so much,I resent summer and her raging hot tempers,she is so relentless and selfish,she gives no rest,she has even taken over spring with her hot temperament ,how impatient she is,all I can do is seek comfort with my friend the sea and her gentle breath.

The birds are starting to nest,I hear them twittering in the morning,I do so love their little voices as they go about their business of courtship and home making.we have a wag tail visiting these days,its been a while since one passed by,usually its the minors,doves,finches and cockatoos with their noisy opinions that startle us so.
The cats are enjoying the birds coming and goings as they do their mock chirps at them from the run,their eyes turning evil and hungry,Moogie sits for hours dreaming of the feathery meal he could be having should I ever let him out,but he know the run is is only hope of out door adventure and he dreams that one day a bird might just happen to foolishly walk close enough for him to gram a little bit of feather and down.

I love the early evening coolness that is now closing around me to bring relief from the heat of the day,that man on the tv said that tomorrow will be 38 degrees plus tomorrow Im not happy with him at all,I will just frizzle up if he is right,no please let him be wrong.please please,please, the pool is still not clean for summer!

Things I love....lace,white and pink,velvet,sweet cakes and icing,pretty papers and cards.
Animals I love...cats,dogs,ponies,little tiny hedgehogs,possums,koalas and racoon's.
Places I love...the beach,rain forests,botanical gardens and my home.
People I man,my son,my nephews,my foster boys,my brothers,my friends.
My faith as a christian is what calls me to love.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pretty things...

Ive made a lot of pretty things lately,I just love to surround myself with pretty things,it makes me feel kinda warm and safe to have them around.

Boxes and blocks have been some of the things Ive played about with lately, I don't know how I manage to get so much done but I guess I don't watch a lot of tv and every spare minute is in the studio,especially now that the boys have finished football for the year,that frees up weekends a lot more,I'm loving this ability to create to my hearts content,well almost,I still have to work,but hope full that will end if I can get published.

Ive been collecting more trims and lace,scored some great stamps yesterday and some nice cloth,I try to buy some thing every week to keep my stocks up,I love hunting for photo props,Ive been painting some as well,I can never have enough props.

Ive been surrounded by the boys this weekend and its been wonderful,all their loud laughing and mock fighting,the older ones teaching the younger ones how to be cool,but the younger ones already have that down pat,tis all so cute,I love being a mum!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The inspiration box.

Boxes are perhaps one of the most useful things I know of and they can be so beautiful as well,I collect them, boxes can look so nice and hold the most beautiful treasure,I love to play with plain wooden boxes or paper mache boxes and make them beautiful.

The boxes I love most are my inspiration boxes,they hold the most wonderful inspirational things,these things may not be very exciting to others but to me they hold dear memories,they are pleasing to view, they are quirky and I love them.

My inspiration boxes usually have little compartments to hold all these wonderful little things,the compartments are small and colorful,I do love color after all,and the compartments nest inside the box but can be removed if I choose,so i can handle and play with each of the little things that rests there.

In one compartment I have a rose but that a customer gave me,it smelt heavenly,its petals were the most beautiful yellow and red orange,the customer has named this rose after me,wow how cool is that,I never wanted it to die,so there it sits and inspires,in this box you will find old bits of cloth and lace,feathers,wooden toys,fibers,yarn,reels of cotton,stones,ribbon roses,tiny clay figures,tiny bottles and it just goes on because so many things inspire me and when they are kept together they form a beautiful story of life and all its wonderful color.

I think I will always have inspiration boxes scattered around,I have so many memories to keep and love and these boxes just are so beautiful to me,I love them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What its all about...

This blog is just for all the wonderful things around me that inspire and comfort me.
Here I will be posting all different things such as pretty things,artsists,art works,people,places and things that I love.