Thursday, September 11, 2008

The inspiration box.

Boxes are perhaps one of the most useful things I know of and they can be so beautiful as well,I collect them, boxes can look so nice and hold the most beautiful treasure,I love to play with plain wooden boxes or paper mache boxes and make them beautiful.

The boxes I love most are my inspiration boxes,they hold the most wonderful inspirational things,these things may not be very exciting to others but to me they hold dear memories,they are pleasing to view, they are quirky and I love them.

My inspiration boxes usually have little compartments to hold all these wonderful little things,the compartments are small and colorful,I do love color after all,and the compartments nest inside the box but can be removed if I choose,so i can handle and play with each of the little things that rests there.

In one compartment I have a rose but that a customer gave me,it smelt heavenly,its petals were the most beautiful yellow and red orange,the customer has named this rose after me,wow how cool is that,I never wanted it to die,so there it sits and inspires,in this box you will find old bits of cloth and lace,feathers,wooden toys,fibers,yarn,reels of cotton,stones,ribbon roses,tiny clay figures,tiny bottles and it just goes on because so many things inspire me and when they are kept together they form a beautiful story of life and all its wonderful color.

I think I will always have inspiration boxes scattered around,I have so many memories to keep and love and these boxes just are so beautiful to me,I love them.

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