Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pretty things...

Ive made a lot of pretty things lately,I just love to surround myself with pretty things,it makes me feel kinda warm and safe to have them around.

Boxes and blocks have been some of the things Ive played about with lately, I don't know how I manage to get so much done but I guess I don't watch a lot of tv and every spare minute is in the studio,especially now that the boys have finished football for the year,that frees up weekends a lot more,I'm loving this ability to create to my hearts content,well almost,I still have to work,but hope full that will end if I can get published.

Ive been collecting more trims and lace,scored some great stamps yesterday and some nice cloth,I try to buy some thing every week to keep my stocks up,I love hunting for photo props,Ive been painting some as well,I can never have enough props.

Ive been surrounded by the boys this weekend and its been wonderful,all their loud laughing and mock fighting,the older ones teaching the younger ones how to be cool,but the younger ones already have that down pat,tis all so cute,I love being a mum!!!!

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