Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bottles in skirts.

My day was filled with teenagers,dogs,cats,big burley men and laughter,now that warms my heart.

In the midst of all the maleness in my house,me being the only female,you will see the feminine touch all around,pretty bedding,vases,pretty pictures,nice crockery and pretty throws,I am always scattering pretty things around to compensate for the lack of female company in my household though I do rule as queen in this castle,I do get lonely for the feminine companionship from time to time.
To make up for the lack of female company I make pretty things and this week I made pretty skirts for some tiny bottles I purchased from the supermarket to store buttons and things in,the boys all thought that this was odd and had a laugh but hey what do they know, ti makes me feel good to make pretty stuff.

So today family,friends,spring days,pets and pretty bottles warmed my heart.

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