Monday, March 9, 2009

My Little City.

I love the city I live in,we have the best of every thing,we have the ocean,the bush,the shops,the night life and the community,it is just a wonderful place to be and I'm blessed to have been born in the area in which I live,in fact I'm blessed to live in this great land in which I live,I love being an Australian and living the carefree life I have.

As I venture down the street I see so many lovely faces and people are always happy to stop for a chat or a joke even if they don't know you,old men and young gather to play chess in the meeting man place in the mall,little elfresco restaurants with people laughing and chatting,kids playing under the watchful eyes of their mums,pigeons cooing,police men chatting to passers by and people watching dancers and singers in the open air theater,I love it.

When I go for a walk along the beach it is so wonderful,Chinese ladies doing beautiful dances with fans,children laughing on the play sets and mothers chatting,fitness groups preparing for their routines,weathered fishermen mending their nets and laughing over a joke,pelicans fishing,bike riders wizzing by and people walking their dogs set out to enjoy the day,I just love the community I live in and the people in it.

What warms my home town and its people,fresh spring days,cool sunny mornings at the football feild cheering on the kids,willy wagtails,clear sparking seas,clear blue skys,warm summer rains,the smell of the Aussie bush after a thunder storm,the pie shop on the mountain top,childrens laughter,elderly couples holding hands,old stately churches,smiling silver haired people,pink cars,our own little china town,the rich cultures of my community,the fruit shop,the way people will stop for a chat and a laugh,its the Australian way!

The code I try to live by..An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind!