Saturday, January 17, 2009

Filtered light!

Today I spent the entire day creating in my studio with only my tiny black cat and my radio for company,it was bliss.The sun was streaming through the windows and the wind was blowing which caused reflections to dance all around me,it was just wonderful,I love the filtered light that sparkles through the leaves in the trees outside,it has a certain sort of magic that makes me relax and forget the bad things in the world.

What warmed my heart today,mmm let me think..oh yes little black cats,crazy dogs,the sound of trickling water,light playing in the trees,birds singing,wind blowing,paint,dolls,creativity,soft material,feathers and the people I love.


Sarah Zambiasi Art said...

I can really equate to this feeling..'Bliss'. I like how you've described your studio, creative experience. This is a lovely BlogSpot!

kimkim said...

Gee thankx Sarah,you are so encouraging as ever!