Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A safe place!

What warms my heart is my studio,it is there that I can rest and forget all that is sad and bad in this world,I get lost in this little place and all the magic in my world floats around me and restores my inner self.

I work on instinct,using my hands and eyes,I see with my mind,things that I cannot express with words and they come to life in my hands,it is exhilarating and magical how the whole process of creativity just gives birth to something that was only a thought or inkling in my mind.

I don't consider myself to be a great artist,Im just average but I am so very greatful to have been born with a gift that allows me the freedom to express my self with my hands,to experience a place where I can forget all that is happening and get lost in the process of art.

My studio was built with love,my husband worked for days laying cement,building walls,roofing ,electrics and so on,just so I could have a place to work in peace.

My kids love to come and visit there,they sit and talk,look around,touch things,they don't stay long now that they are in their late teens but they still like to visit awhile every now and then and when they are not there it is just me and my dog Booley chilling out in the special place we love.

What warmed my heart today,my family and my wonderful friends,the sea breeze,the birds feeding their babies,lady bugs, dragon flies,purple daisies and the blue blue sky!

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jaybean said...

Hi Kim, I just found your blog on my blog! I haven't been there for awhile and was trying to think of something to say there but can't so I am visiting yours!Thanks for allowing me in...lol! I have been sketching out ideas for more cloth and clay dolls. I have a few ideas. I haven't been down to the studio because it is so cold and my hands just get stiff and working with glue and paint is challenging when it is this cold. We are facing some more winter like storms this week.

I love your cats, what is this human looking Lavinia?

I agree with you completely about your studio, mine is also my safe haven! I am so tired of the dire and daunting depressing news! So my world is safe and peaceful in my studio. I love your pics!

I am sorry to bring this up but since you are in Australia I thought I'd check to see if you are safe where you are? This fire is so tragic. I have heard that some Washington firefighters are headed your way to help with the fires.

Again, I love looking at your work and can't wait to see more!

ok enough of me blogging on your blog. We should exchange email addys. mine is meretsger@yahoo.com

Take care!