Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today while at work I was noticing the different faces of my customers and how much their faces changed when they smiled,what a transformation a smile can bring to any one and it is always a beautiful transformation,I love smiles they are awesome and I adore the smiles of my dearest friends and the smiles of my loved ones,yep smiles warm my heart..

I think that when we feel that we are against the world and alone a smile can just turn things around,add a gentle touch and some heartfelt words and life becomes a bit easier...

I have added some words from my myspace blog about a wonderful soul that I met through work because today her smile made glad..

I have been in one of my thoughtful and contemplative moods lately.I don't know why but I have and one of my biggest questions in my pondering' s of life is' what is truly important' and yes I know its family and friends and making the best of what you have but to me that just isn't deep enough and it is so easy to love family and friends but what happens when we try to love the seemly unlovable,we hit rocky ground.

In my line of work I meet some very unlovable people,I meet the most ignorant,rude,arrogant and down right nasty people but I try to see it their way,I'm not too good at it as I am a hot head and yes I have a short fuse and by the way I'm not proud of it and I find it hinders me more often that not,so I do have trouble being pleasant to the obnoxious and miserable souls that I meet,but anyway back to the point at hand,what do we do about going a bit further and loving the unlovable.
I dont mean loving them literally but you know,caring and showing kindness,I work in an industry where I meet a hundreds of people a week and its hard,but over the years in this job I have made some truly wonderful friends and acquaintances,for example,I had a lady that I would see perhaps four times a week,she never smiled and was always frowning,I thought 'she must be really sad' so I determined to greet her with a sincere smile and how are you and before long she had opened up enough to tell me about how she spent everyday at the hospital watching her son die from kidney failure hoping for a transplant,she was scared,exhausted and felt so alone,now I think I would frown and be lost in my own world of worry if I had been in her shoes,Im glad to say that her son has a new kidney and is on the road to recovery and she is a true character and a pleasure to know,so who benefited from this,her..yes she had someone to unload on but I really benefited because I met a truly inspiring person and learned that my life is pretty good compared to others.
Another example is a man that I would see every night,he always looked so glum and rarely spoke but I found out by being kind and asking sincerely how are you , that he has a wife who is dying from brain cancer,what can you say to that,I just listen and he is just the nicest and gentlest man going through a world of hurt,so just a kind word and a sincere inquiry could help someone deal with an otherwise unbearable day,it has taught me to stop and think before I get all offended and huffy,I ask myself what is going on in this persons life that makes them so difficult or miserable,you could make all the difference to them.

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

We must be the change we wish to see..

Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness,every act creates a ripple with no logical end...

Constant kindness can accomplish much.As the sun makes ice melt,kindness causes misunderstandings,mistrust and hostility to evaporate.

Kindness is in our power even when fondness is not..

Kindness is the ability to love someone more than they deserve.

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